TCU/MTAGT Mini-spoilers

Since Forums is obsolete now, I haven't been able to post this until now :O
I felt compelled to post this somewhere since a lot has changed in The Caged Underworld/Most Towns are Ghost Towns' canon and I figured it would be the most appreciated here as opposed to tumblr or deviantArt. If you're confused about anything, feel free to ask whatever questions you may have to me
So without further ado...!

-The apocalypse that the story takes place after was caused by a worldwide pandemic
-Weltraum was affected by the illness that caused said pandemic, but it didn't have a direct influence on his death
-All ghosts are technically immortal
-Pluto and Persephone no longer exist
-Kleinod was married by the time he died
-Weltraum is actually four years older than Kleinod
-Sternenglanz is a Doraemon fan
-Sterbenfrau suffers from imposter syndrome
-Weltraum is almost completely blind but he wasn't born blind
-Kleinod has a past that he's not proud of
-The Cauldron was created by a mystery character that's part of the main cast
-Weltraum's human name is no longer Akifumi. To find out his new name, you might want to think about an evil parrot from a classic Disney movie or something...
-Kotori's a lot more corrupt than she initially seems
-Sterbenfrau's a lot less corrupt than she initially seems
-Fernweh seems sweet but is always scheming
-Almost all of Team Mauve's current ghosts died from a drug overdose
-Weltraum is lowkey disliked by Kleinod and Kotori

C'est tout~